Why Us

Reviewing this site may lead you to inquire, “Why should I pick this business attorney Tulsa over that one?” While advertising should never be the only reason you choose an attorney, RC Law Group sets apart from the competition for three separate, albeit equally important reasons. However, we highly encourage you to just go ahead and give us a call so that we can set up a free one hour consultation where we can make a customized plan that best suits your business’s needs. One of our business attorney Tulsa will be more than happy to explain all of the benefits of working with us and also set up that free consultation!

Dinner and A Movie Cheaper than Other Firms

Most law firms have the same or similar setups where they spend an excess of money on their facilities and staff. Most business attorney Tulsa have an army of staff, rent or a mortgage payment on a commercial property, utilities, research fees for a fancy legal research engine, and a buffet of office supplies. Most law firms have a professional cleaning service that cleans their offices. And almost every law firm I know has about a million pieces of paper because they have not stepped into the twenty-first century. And you have the blessed opportunity to pay for it all.

RC Law Group is different, we are more concerned with the quality we deliver as your business attorney Tulsa than the office we sit in. Ryan works out of his house. His dining room is his office. Ryan answers his cell phone/work phone directly. Ryan, as a business attorney Tulsa, does not have a legal assistant. Ryan does all his own drafting, editing, correspondence, communications, and invoicing. And RC Law Group is a paperless operation. Ryan prints documents to edit them and keeps the edits for the clients to review if they so choose. Otherwise, he recycles the paper. This does not just cut down on this business attorney Tulsa overhead but also ensures to you that the work that is being done for you is being done by the attorney himself.

A low-overhead business model allows Ryan to charge well below market prices for a work product that is well above market quality. This is ideal for small and large business owners who are looking to have themselves covered legally without having to face gigantic fees only to spend hours on the phone with a firm trying to get ahold of a business attorney Tulsa.

Directly Accessible and Works Quickly

A frequent complaint Ryan hears from clients who hire him is about their former business attorney Tulsa. The story is usually the same: frustration. Clients are frustrated that every time they call the law firm, they get a staff member instead of a business attorney Tulsa. Clients are frustrated with how long it takes their lawyer to handle something relatively simple. And clients complain that they may only meet their lawyer once before they are shoved off to a staff member for the remainder of the representation.

Ryan answers the phone, sends e-mails, and works quickly as he strives to go above and beyond as your business attorney Tulsa. Working out of home allows him to focus without outside distractions. Clients are routinely pleased at the pace with which he responds to their concerns and are pleased they are speaking directly with the business attorney Tulsa they hired. This saves you bundles of time and money as the longer a lawyer takes and the more time they as the business attorney Tulsa or one of their employees spends on your account you will see a bill for it. Not only does your very simple issue take a ridiculous amount of time to get taken care of but also costs you so much more than it should.


Be able to have a customized plan for your business where you get the legal services you need at a price you can afford. Know that you are covered with a business attorney Tulsa in your back pocket but don’t get nickled and dimed to death. Know exactly what it costs and what you are getting for it, stop getting surprised by random fees!

Most law firms charge an up front retainer with a hefty billable hour rate as your business attorney Tulsa. They have to have this considerable hourly rate to pay for all the amenities described above. While most of the firms are honest in their billing practices, some tend to “fudge” the numbers to deepen their pockets. This gives us courage and motivation to change the reputation of business attorney Tulsa.

RC Law Group is different as we believe that a business attorney Tulsa does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. We also believe that it is so incredibly important that we are honest and transparent about what we charge which is why the packages are perfect for our clients. We offer package deals to meet the needs of your small business inexpensively. The goal is to provide quality business attorney Tulsa legal services at a reasonable price. That is the approach RC Law Group takes and, to date, it works. We understand that there are things that all businesses should have and need from a business attorney Tulsa but there are some companies that have more needs than others. We understand that it is not a one size fits all! That is why we formulated these unique packages that offer specific benefits with each. This allows you to have services from a business attorney Tulsa without a large fee.

So when deciding whether you want to overpay for legal services, consider hiring someone who will be a steward of your business’s funds; someone who you can speak to directly via text, talk, or e-mail; and someone who offers a package deal that will meet your business’s legal needs. It could be the difference between bankruptcy and prosperity. It is absolutely vital that if you are doing business you have a business attorney Tulsa on your side, however, it is extremely important that the attorney you choose is doing the work fast, themselves, and at an appropriate price.