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The RC Law Group Difference:


RC Law Group

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No Crazy Fees:We keep our overhead costs low in order to provide you top quality service at a price you can afford. Crazy High Fees:Rent out expensive large office spaces that you end up paying for!
Customized Plans:Choose from a variety of packages for what best suits your needs and budget. One Big Fee for All:No packages available and the same large fee no matter what you are needing.
Direct Access to Your Lawyer:Be able to call your lawyer directly and get answers fast! Limited Access to Your Lawyer:Bounce around between receptionists and assistants with promises that you’ll get a call back.
On-Time Guarantee:We will get our research back to you as quickly as possible with a due date in mind. Rarely On-Time:Don’t expect to get an idea of when they will be getting back with you and wait around for months.
No Billable Hour Requirements:Only pay for the hours it actually takes. Billable Hour Requirements:Whether it takes one hour or a week you pay the same large fee.

Ryan Childress, Founder of RC Law Group, is a Martindale-Hubbell Pre-Eminent® ranked attorney. Ryan achieved this rank, which is the highest possible ranking, after only five years of practice. Ryan chose to help businesses after watching some of his closest friends deal with some law firms who did not have the business’s best interests at heart.

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