Litigation Support

We all have different strengths. I know some amazing attorneys who are some of the best oral advocates I’ve ever seen. Judges and juries cling to the very sound of their voice as they cannot wait to hear what the lawyer has to say next. I am an effective oral advocate, but I would never describe myself in that way.

I think one of my strengths as a lawyer is that I am a strong writer. I’ve written and published two books. I was on law review and served as Managing Editor my third year of law school. I have been a writing tutor in the past and taught English Composition II at Tulsa Community College. For reasons not quite clear to me, I seem to be a good writer.

I am also a quick typist. I type between 90-100 words a minute.

Combining the above means I can quickly crank out volumes of documents to address a variety of legal needs. One of my colleagues is a solo practitioner. Thankfully, he has become very busy in his practice and I’m pleased to see him thriving. However, we all have to sleep. He reached out to me with a request to help him by drafting petitions, discovery requests, demand letters, and the like. He also asked me to cover a deposition for him (I’ve probably taken/defended a gagillion of those). So it got me thinking. If a solo shop needs help, where do they go? Probably a buddy of some kind. But we are all busy so what happens when your buddies can’t cover?

That’s an opportunity to call me. I can help. I do not charge crazy fees, require a ridiculous retainer, and care about you as an attorney/person as well as your client. I will be just as passionate for your client and you as I am about every client. And I understand that in an emergency, you often don’t have time to pay me upfront. That’s why, schedule permitting, I just do what needs to be done and invoice you later.

If I can help cover any emergency, help with routine drafting needs, or cover a hearing/deposition, just give me a call. I wish you all the success and prosperity our profession has to offer!